Top 5 Power Tool Accessories for Holiday Gift Giving

By Big Dave / October 16, 2017


Top 5 Power Tool Accessories Gift Ideas

Looking for power tool accessories for holiday gift-giving? These top five power tool accessories enhance power tool function, yet are refreshingly affordable. The holiday gift recipient who is well stocked with power tools and enamored by their uses will surely appreciate one of these top five power tool accessories.

Birthday, Father Day , Graduation Day even Valentines Day, these gift ideas can apply on these dates too.

Top 5 Power Tool Accessories for Holiday Gift Giving

DeWalt DW2153

Power Tool Accessory Holiday Gift #1: Vacuum Adapter Rotary Tool

A vacuum adapter rotary tool accessory is an essential add-on to a rotary tool. With a vacuum adapter rotary tool accessory, there is less dust to breathe in and less mess to clean after the cutting project is complete. Dust and debris from the cutting surface is sucked into the vacuum instead of scattered on and around the cutting surface.

The advantage of a vacuum adapter for a rotary tool is easily appreciated by any rotary tool owner. Bosch OSC002 Oscillating Tool Dust Attachment for MX25E and PS50 is a great product, so maybe that’s the one for you. Available to order here for prompt delivery.



Power Tool Accessory Holiday Gift #2: Off Set Screwdriver Power Head Accessory

An offset screwdriver power head adds versatility to battery operated screwdrivers. When using the screwdriver in tight places, how often does the tool owner wish that the point of the screwdriver could be angled, just a little? With an off set screwdriver power head, consisting of a magnetic hex socket and 360˚ adjustable thumb flange, the screwdriver can be guided into hard to reach locations and function at awkward angles.

Offset Screwdriver Power Head Accessory


Power Tool Accessory Holiday Gift #3: 4 Position Flashlight Power Tool Accessory

A 4 position flashlight adds ease and safety to a power tool project. With a pivotal beam and adjustable focus, the 2 position flashlight not only provides necessary light for the power tool project, it directs that light where it is most needed. This 4-position flashlight head has positionings at 0, 45, 90, and 110 degrees to cover most if not all requirements.

Why suffer the frustrations and risks associated with a stationary light source when an adjustable focus, pivoting beam flashlight power tool accessory is readily available and easy on the budget?


Power Tool Accessory Holiday Gift #4: Construction Tripod Power Tool Accessory

A construction tripod power tool accessory is the perfect complement to the laser. Look for lightweight construction for ease of use and adjustable legs for versatility. A quality construction tripod power tool accessory typically has a quick release feature allowing the legs to telescope for easy set-up.
. Brands include the top names like DeWalt, Bosch,CST/Berger plus many more. Prices range from the cost of a cheap meal out to over the $100 mark, depending on which you go for. We suggest you look at the Bosch BT 150 Lightweight Compact Tripod with Adjustable Legs, as a solid choice.

For precision laser use, a tripod power tool accessory is a must. If you’re looking for a laser level, then there are unbiased reviews on laser levels so we recommend this website.


Power Tool Accessory Holiday Gift #5: Impact Driver Ready Accessory Set

Impact driver ready sets for cordless drills expand the range of projects for which the drills can be used. Impact driver ready sets may include such accessories as Phillips insert bits, drywall insert bits, power bits, double ended bit tips, deep sockets, socket adapters, nut drivers and specialized bit tip holders such as the pivoting bit tip holder. One popular choice is the DEWALT-DW2153 34-Piece Impact Ready Screw Driving Set .
This set in black oxide finish as the most common accessories included in the box, ready to use too.


Top 5 Power Tool Accessories for Holiday Gift Giving Final Thoughts

Hey it’s easy to forget birthdays, anniverseries we are aware of that. The Holiday season though is hard to forget about, thanks to all the advertising everywhere. You can buy all types of presents, but why not be practical and buy something that will be used and appreciated.

These top five power tool accessories for holiday gift-giving can be found in hardware stores and online. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

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