Got An Emergency Battery Backup?

By Big Dave / January 28, 2020

Do You Have An Emergency Battery Backup?

Why do you need to buy an emergency backup battery for your power tools? Well a backup battery is an additional power source for a cordless drill or other cordless equipment and so is a must !

emergency battery backup

Time is important when working on a job. So you need to be able to maximize the time you are working by following these 2 straight forward steps.

Step One

Firstly, ensure that the battery in your cordless drill is fully charged before you commence work on your project. Nothing could be worse than starting the job then for your drill to stop working after 15 minutes of work. This is probably caused by one of two reasons, either the battery is faulty or more likely, that the battery wasn’t charged beforehand.
This is where a battery tester comes into play.

Second Step

Secondly, is the need to have a backup battery.

You are well into phase 1 of your project.  Been working for the past 6 hours and things are coming along quicker than expected. Just as you are about to drill 6 more holes for the anchor points, your drill stops. This is due to the battery being out of charge. You have 3 choices  to look at;

First option is finish for the day, place the battery on charge overnight and go home.

Option 2 is to put the battery on charge and grab a drink> Then something to eat and read the newspaper while listening to the radio.

Option 3 is to remove the dead battery, put this on charge but at the same time, inserting your Backup Battery into your drill, which enables you to carry on working almost straight away. Needless to say the advantage of using your  Backup Battery is the serious amount of time it saves you. Meaning you can either finish the job early ( time for a quick pint down the pub after work possibly ). Or can stay within schedule to get the job done on time. This means you keep either your boss or the customer happy.

For those guys who are  doing some D I Y at home and explain to the wife that it’s going to take all day to build the wardrobes, having that spare backup battery means that you can let her go out to visit her parents, leaving you working away. Then being able to work straight through means you’ll be able to finish early, have a shower, grab a beer from the fridge and just catch the 4pm kick off on tv in the comfort of your own lounge – heaven !

Time is money if you are a contractor. Don’t let your batteries leave you unable to work!

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